Welcome Dram-addicts! First of all, does anyone have the tea on Hannibal Buress? He’s acting like a landlord. Then, we chat about the latest Kim Kardashian and Kanye West developments, which leads to a discussion all about T.I and hymens. And finally, May’s got the … Continue readingROBERT DOWNEY JR.


Hola! We missed you guys, and we’re back on our bull$#!t so get ready! Lol. So, Donald Trump went to the World Series and a UFC match, and well, you absolutely love to see it. Then, we talk Rep. Katie Hill’s resignation, as well as … Continue readingOCTOMOM


Hi! Oh boy, you know we’ve been wanting to talk about how Gina Rodriguez gives us heebie jeebies! Also, in our SPORT segment (shoutout to Victor) we talk the surprising scandal brewing between the NBA and China. Then, Cuba Gooding Jr., star of “Snow Dogs” … Continue readingSINEAD O’CONNOR


Hola! So… Wassup with SNL leaving Julián Castro off their debate sketch? But we digress. The topics are HOT this week, cause the President pissed off Nickelback. Demi Lovato pissed off the international community. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott pissed each other off, and Tyga … Continue readingDENNIS RODMAN


Hey! Business woman Jessica Simpson just came through with a big announcement. Meanwhile, throughout this episode, there is an ongoing secondary storyline about scam calling. Then, we talk Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and the Super Bowl. Also, our thoughts on the Joker movie hysteria and the … Continue readingJOHN EDWARDS


Welcome! We throw some D’s on this week when we talk DRAMA, DORIT, DARCEY, and DEMI (that’s Kemsley, 90 Day Fiancé, and Moore). Then, we talk Antonio Brown’s drama filled summer in our Hot Topic. And finally, May’s got the story of Hollywood’s favorite sex … Continue readingNXIVM


Heyy! We’re feelin’ very Sporty Spice this week cause we’ve got a handful of sport Hot Topics including Boogie Cousins, Andrew Luck, and Tyler Skaggs. Then, everyone wants justice for Kirsten Dunst, including Kirsten Dunst. Later, May talks about the weird life of actor Robert … Continue readingROBERT BLAKE & TILA TEQUILA